Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Vacation to St George

I am so completely behind on blogging, but I'll try to catch up on the last couple month the best I can...mainly for the sake of keeping a record of our lives.

Over Adam's birthday weekend in August, we drove to St George to visit my dad and say goodbye to the house I lived in during high school. Dad and Tanya are planning to move to Washington within the next year, so we decided this was the perfect time to visit.

Despite a harrowing night in our hotel in Grand Junction with a 2 year old who WOULD NOT sleep because he was scared of the "monsters," our trip turned out great and very relaxing. We went hiking, played at splash parks, swam in the river, visited the temple, played games, and overall just enjoyed being together and getting to know Tanya and her kids a little better. Max loved getting up every morning to go feed the chickens, and still to this day talks about Papa and the tractor. He and Frankie loved playing in the non-heated hot tub during the day, and chasing each around.

Overall a successful trip! Thanks Dad and Tanya for the wonderful memories, we love you guys!

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