Tuesday, November 18, 2014

5 year anniversary in New York

Many thanks to Adam's parents, we were able to leave Max for a long weekend getaway to New York City in September. For some reason, neither of us have ever made it to the big apple, except for layovers to other destinations. So, to celebrate the big 5 years, we decided to tackle our bucket list and fit as much in as we could of New York in three days. It was a crazy venture, but it sure was nice to have some much needed time as a couple. 

                           We mainly hit up all the typical tourist sites. Not usually my travel style, but our time was too short to really do anything else. 

Received a wonderful, heart warming welcome from the people of New York at Times Square.

Brooklyn Bridge

City hall???

On the last night, we found a fun, authentic Brazilian restaurant right down the street from our hotel in Queens. It was both delicious and entertaining, as they had these old guys playing and singing a bunch of Brazilian songs. Adam was in heaven.

Best sweet and sour chicken ever at a delicious, authentic Chinese restaurant in China town. Yes, the food warranted its own picture. 

Being 18 weeks pregnant, I insisted we eat a lot of delicious food and spend our money trying new restaurants. We ate some yummy authentic Brooklyn pizza as well. It was well the worth the almost hour walk to get there. 

St Patrick's cathedral. I have an obsession with cathedrals, I was so happy we found this gem. 

 911 memorial. It was seriously so vast and incredible, I cried the moment I laid eyes on it. What an amazing tribute to all those people who died or lost loved ones. 

Adam in chess heaven at the chess club in Central Park...if only he'd had someone to play with!

Central Park was seriously amazing! Both Adam and I agreed we could have spent the entire weekend exploring the park alone because it was huge and offered so many things to do. You don't truly realize how big it is until you're there. Also not pictured...visiting the Metropolitan museum (amazing and huge!), seeing Phantom on Broadway (I cried during that as well, so incredible), and many other restaurant adventures..what can I say, I need and love food! We had an amazing time...probably won't be back to New York any time soon though. I discovered after navigating the streets and getting sick in the subway, that perhaps I am an ol' suburb girl at heart. And, at the end of the trip, we were so happy to return to Max, we love our lil guy and missed him more than we care to admit. Thank you M and D for making this possible! 

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