Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Max's 2 yr birthday

How is this little boy of mine, just born yesterday it seems, already two years old?!
We love him to pieces.
A little update on him before I post pictures:

Max is very spunky, energetic, stubborn, and tender-hearted. One minute he'll be crying hysterically over losing a toy or shoe in the car; a minute later he's blowing kisses and saying "sorry" for the major tantrum he just threw. It makes it hard to stay mad at him when he's done something naughty because he acts so sweet afterward.
Max LOVES nursery and talks about it all the time. He's not saying full sentences, but loves to point out things he's learned in nursery, like pictures of Jesus, temples, church, etc. He loves to dance and wants us to play the "lala" song by Shakira a hundred times a day it seems. Right now, bedtime and naptime routines consist of only two books--we always either read "Vroom" or "Where the Wild Things Are." He won't let us read him anything else! His favorite movie currently is Monster's Inc, which we pretty much watch once every day. "No mons-toes?" he asks all the time, making sure that monsters aren't really there to scare him.

Time has flown by so quickly. We love you so much Max, we are so grateful you are part of our family, bring us joy, and make us laugh with your pranks every day!

This year for his birthday, we basically just had dinner and cupcakes with Grandma and Grandpa Hall, opened presents, and went to the Lollipop park. Nothing too fancy, but we still made it a wonderful day for him.

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