Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Winter 2014

January and February were mainly spent indoors, watching way too many movies and baking sweets. This winter has been fairly mild, but Max and I kept getting colds and this awful cough that would never go away. Not to mention, I've experienced a couple of disappointing chemical pregnancies that have kept me in hermit mode. However, I have some amazing friends who invited us to some awesome activities in February and have really kept my spirits up! You know who you are.... :)

Sometime in February, we went to the zoo. It was a gorgeous day and the animals were in mating season.

I have a friend who volunteers at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. She invited us one day to walk through the museum and let the kids play at discovery zone. Max LOVED the museum!

I decided to add some pictures of mine and Max's daily shenanigans.  

My dad, Tanya and her two girls came to visit us just last week! We took them skiing, swimming, went to the movies and the zoo, did a daddy-daughter date, and ate tons of food. I am so happy they made the drive to come visit us! It was great getting to know Tanya's girls better, and they were so helpful with Max. I wish I had taken more pictures, but here are a few from our day of skiing up at Copper...Adam took Max tubing while I skied with Marilyn for a couple of hours. 

Happy (almost) Spring Everyone!

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