Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thanksgiving/Christmas 2013

Let's just pretend it is not already mid-March and I'm just barely updating the blog from Thanksgiving time, okay?
I regret that we have no pictures from Thanksgiving Day, only a huge hospital bill and some remaining pounds gained from that very eventful day to keep those memories alive. It started as a beautiful sunny day, with my two boys wishing me a happy birthday. We took a walk to the park, let Max go down the slide, and then the screaming began. Max kept crying and grabbing his arm, and we had no idea what was wrong. Eventually we took him to the ER at Children's Hospital because he was so hysterical and the pediatrician's office was closed. Two hours and an x ray later, we found out it was just nurse maid's elbow. Ha! Poor guy was still in pain the rest of the day because the ER doctor couldn't pop it back in place.
The rest of the day, luckily, turned out pretty swell! We drove down to Colorado Springs to be Adam's grandmother and cousins. We ate a delicious thanksgiving feast, followed by cake, pie, and presents from Adam's loving family. They are pretty awesome! Adam and I ended the day a movie and decorating for Christmas.

For Christmas we traveled to Riverton, UT to be with Adam's sisters and brother. We stayed at Sara's house and had an amazing Christmas Eve with them! Sara made arrangements for us to visit the fire station to sing carols and bring cookies to the dedicated firemen working that night. Afterwards, we ate delicious food and had the littles act out the nativity. Max was overwhelmed at first by all the excitement and new faces, but he soon warmed up to the family, and had a blast playing with the girls...and their toys. :)

 On December 30th my dad married Tanya in a beautiful French restaurant up in Salt Lake. Tanya is really a wonderful person, and she makes my dad so happy, so I was really glad to be there and celebrate with them. The wedding ceremony was beautiful, the food was wonderful, and the music, dancing, and company truly made for a special night.

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