Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer Highlights

I clearly did not get the chance to blog this summer as much as I would have liked. So these pictures will have to do. It's been a wonderful summer, full of birthdays, reunions, days at the pool, and of course, lots of grilled vegetables.

         Back in early June, we decided to kick off Max's birthday month by heading up to Evergreen, where we went with my mom just a few days before Max was born to hike and help induce labor. It was actually very special to go back and reminisce on the memories we made there with my mom. Evergreen has almost become a sacred place for me to remember my mom. I miss her so much, it hurts sometimes. Anyways...on this day, we ended up hiking around the lake and then ate at our favorite pizza place, Beau Jo's. It was a little rainy, but absolutely beautiful up there.   

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MAX! On June 25th, Max turned 1! We celebrated the weekend before with Grandma and Grandpa Hall with a delicious pasta dinner and homemade banana cupcakes. Oh, and of course, presents. We took a lot video on this day, and consequently, hardly took any pictures. Sorry! Also, on his actual birthday, we just decided to make it a fun day and took him swimming. 

The birthday boy eating his very first cupcake. 

In early July, the Cramers and James and Jessica all came out to visit! We did not take any pictures, unfortunately, but we did have a great time with them! On the 4th, after a day of swimming and BBQ-ing at our pool, Adam and I left Max with a babysitter and met up with everyone at the Rockies game. It was seriously the perfect way to celebrate independence day, I mean, what could be more American than baseball and fireworks? Even better, the Rockies won that night!

Late July we drove out to Salt Lake for the Christensen family reunion. On our drive, we decided to stop and hike Hanging Lake. Such a beautiful place, and even though it made our day long and left us with a cranky baby, it was still totally worth it! 
Typical Max, always running away from us. 

Hiking up to the waterfall. 

My boys! 

Amazing lake, right? Trying to get Max to smile for the camera.

So proud of my man for hiking up the whole way with Max on his back. Love these boys.
Other highlights of this summer, that we failed to document, were 
-Adam's birthday, which we celebrated at his parents, with the missionaries. I also made him, at his request, homemade orange chicken. Yum!
-Visiting Marni during our trip to Salt Lake. We went and got mani/pedis for some sister bonding time. I love my sister!
-Trying out different splash parks in our area. Max loved those!

Hope everyone had a great summer! I'm over the heat now and ready for fall!


  1. Max is getting sooo cute! I'm so ready for fall too. The heat is just too much!

  2. We loved being able to see you guys so much this summer! As always, I love these pics too.