Monday, November 11, 2013

Fall 2013

Where to start? Fall in Colorado has been interesting, to say the least. In beginning to mid September, we received a lot of rain fall and hail storms, which caused major flooding in Northern Colorado. We were lucky enough only to get a few flash floods and nothing seriously damaging in our area. In October in snowed a few times, and now, in November, when we would normally expect some snow or at least wet weather, it is sunny and 65 degrees. It's absolutely beautiful, and while I'm anxious to go skiing and play in the snow with Max, I'm going to enjoy every moment of these warm autumn days.
Enough of the weather...we have enjoyed the last couple months immensely! Max in general has been sleeping great (minus some sickness) and has been a joy in our lives. On the week days, I have tried to get out as much as possible with Max--we go to park almost any day that it is warm, and have explored some fun farms with pumpkin patches.

In late September the Suman family came to visit Colorado! We all drove up to Loveland to play at a pumpkin patch/petting zoo--the kids all seemed to have a blast.

In October, over Conference weekend, my dad and his now fiancee, Tanya, came to visit us! I'm really sad we didn't get pictures of the two of them, but we did have a lovely weekend. We played games, watched conference and some fun movies, and went hiking up at Roxburough Park together. Here are a couple pictures from our hike..again, wish we had taken more.

Thanks to Dad and Tanya for coming to visit! They are getting married on Dec. 30th, and while I have been so apprehensive to change since my mom passed away, I'm glad to see my dad happy and smiling again. Happy Fall everyone!

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