Monday, July 15, 2013

Max's one year stats

Okay, I know I can't keep track of Max's stats forever, but I thought I would at least finish updating his first year of life.

STATS: Weight-20 Ibs, 14 oz (25th perc)
              Height-29 1/2 in. (45th perc)
              Head-a whopping 47.3 cm (75th perc)
Yup, with being relatively tall and and having a big head, I would say he's definitely our child.

Other updates on Max
-Picky eater, hardly eats meat or vegetables (I really do try!), and would only eat fruit, yogurt, and cheese if I let him.
-Sleeps from 7 pm-5:30 am every day. It doesn't matter what time we put him to bed, he ALWAYS wakes up before six. Suggestions???
-Loves to go on walks, and always wants to push his own stroller. Isn't he helpful?! :)
-Obsessed with being outside! Loves swimming, seeing animals, picking up rocks, etc. He is ALL boy.
-Says a lot of words: "This? That? light, mom, dad, grandma, airplane, yes."
-Gives the BEST hugs. And he says "awww" every time he gives them now because that's what I always say.

So cliche to say, but I just cannot believe he is already a year! I am sad that it's going by so fast, and that he's not the tiny baby he was just a few months ago. But, I am loving the toddler stage right now. It keeps me busy, and most days I seriously go to bed completely exhausted from chasing him around all day.  At the end of the day, however, when he's in bed, and Adam and I are able to relax, I can't help for a moment but look at his toys on the floor, or a little sock he left in a kitchen drawer, and miss him.


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