Tuesday, January 3, 2012

IT'S A....

This post is long overdue. Finals and Christmas vacation kept us busy and away from the internet. Probably a good thing. Anyways, I am officially DONE with my bachelor degree, and am excited to come to Provo in April to walk at graduation! It has been a long journey, but totally worth it! I'm so grateful I was able to complete my degree, especially considering I had to temporarily transfer schools and wait a whole year to even get instate tuition. I'm also thankful that despite some red tape, the Lord provided a way for me to graduate from BYU. I had such patient and kind advisers who were willing to approve my courses from UC Denver. And thank you to my wonderful family who has supported me through this and encouraged me to finish.

Right after finals, my awesome mother and my cousin Melissa came to visit me for the weekend! We had so much fun going shopping, playing games, eating lots of Christmas treats, and laughing about the fact that I started crying when I realized it was time for maternity jeans. Thank you BOTH for coming and spending time with me. It means so much to me!

Christmas this year was SO FUN! (Excuse the lack of pictures, we forgot our camera.) We drove out to Riverton, UT and spent our Christmas with the Suman, Cramer, and Hall family. We played lots of games, ate yummy food (I already miss you, Chinese food), and got lots of snuggles from cute baby Kylie. Thanks for a great Christmas!

And, of course, I saved the most exciting news for last. We are thrilled to announce that IT'S A........BOY! At 13 weeks, my mother in law Marilyn did an ultrasound, and we discovered that there is no denying, we are DEFINITELY having a boy.

We kind of had a feeling all along that he would be a boy, and were elated to discover we were right! :) We are SO excited to meet baby boy Hall, and cannot WAIT to fill our house with blue, toy cars and trucks, sports stuff, pretend lightsabers, and potentially any other destructive toys. We had a great 2011, and look forward to a wonderful new year filled with lots of surprises and adventures!

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