Friday, January 20, 2012


Last week we had the amazing opportunity to go to Hawaii with the Chandler/Nicoli family! We stayed on Oahu the whole time, which is where my brother Brook is currently living, and we had a blast! While we didn't get to spend as much time on the beach as I would've liked, we spent a lot of time running around the island doing hikes, visiting various beaches, experiencing the Polynesian Cultural Center and Pearl Harbor, paddle boarding, surfing, and eating some very delicious food. Definitely an ideal vacation.

Adam and I arrived before everyone else, so the first day and 1/2 was spent with Brook and his cute girlfriend, Kei'ili. We chilled at the beach, ate delicious Mexican food, and watched one of my faves, 50 First Dates. Thanks so much you two for hosting us at the beginning and end of the trip!

Besides chilling on the beach, I think one of my favorite days was visiting the PCC. We got special VIP passes because we know the president of the PCC, so we were pretty spoiled while there! We watched all the island shows and participated in various activities such as spear throwing, hula dancing, basket weaving, and Maori stick dancing. It was SO MUCH FUN! That night we ate with the PCC president and his wife, which was also a thrill because they had so many fascinating stories to tell about the Center and its relationship with China.

Usually when vacation ends, I'm about ready to come home and take a break from vacation. However, I think we would've been content to stay another week and enjoy the warmth and beautiful beaches. I actually teared up when we left and had to say goodbye to my family. Thanks to the Chandler family for an awesome vacation, especially to Mom and Dad for everything! I love you all dearly! Here are many pictures from our awesome adventures!

PS. In one of the pictures, you’ll notice Adam lost a fight with a paddle board. Poor guy!


  1. so much fun! i am glad that you got to go :)

  2. Great pictures! I especially liked your dramatic kiss! :) So glad you got to relax.