Friday, March 12, 2010

Happiest 6 months!

Wow, I seem to update my blog in spurts, and then I write nothing for awhile. haha, anyways, just wanted to express my love for Adam today since it is our 6 month anniversary. Okay you couples that have been married for 20 plus years, no scoffing. Anyways, here are a few reasons I love Adam so much and appreciate everything he does.

-He loves me for me: I feel like I can completely be myself when I'm with him.
-He makes me laugh: He has such a great sense of humor, especially when things are awkard or we're having a bad day; he can totally lighten the mood.
-He's brilliant! He always amazes me with how quickly he can pick things up, and I learn so much from him about science, religion, and about life in general. It's awesome!
- He's so patient: Can you imagine working 9 hrs straight, then coming home to tutor your wife for two to three hours for her trig class? That calls for patience, and unconditional love if you ask me. :)
-He has a big heart: Sometimes Adam likes to act tough and "manly," which he is... lol...but inside he's really a softy that has a giving heart and so much love for his family and friends.

Okay, I'll stop embarassing him now, but I wanted to express my love for him today and let you all know I think marriage is the greatest institution the Lord has given us. I'm so grateful for marriage and for a wonderful husband. Love you Adam!

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