Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Meet Winston

Since people tend to post pictures and stories of their children, I thought I would share with you all a new addition to our small family. He's orange and white, is always all smiles-and fins. He loves to swim, eat, and swim some more. Yup, I'm blogging about a fish. Not just any fish, but Winston the goldfish! Anyways, so when we first got Winston, oh man was he scared to death! It was as if he was paralyzed from fear because, at least for the first couple days, he would hardly swim to the top of his bowl to eat his food. At first we were worried maybe one of his fins was torn or something, or maybe we had just chosen a super lazy fish. But sure enough, about a week later he was swimming like crazy, and I must say he is probably one of the most active, pro-exercise fish I have ever seen! He is constantly swimming around (maybe desperately searching for an escape from his bowl) and he loves to eat the bubbles that form on the top of the water. It's sooo cute! We love you Winston, you bring so much joy to our little family!

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