Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Summer synopsis and baby update

As I look at the emptiness of this blog over the last 5 1/2 months, I've come to realize two things.
Firstly, new technology (aka. Instagram) has a way of changing the way we record events in our lives drastically, and sometimes it's not for the better. As much as I love posting pictures for friends and family to see each day, it is NOT the same as writing on a blog or in a journal. Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but they still don't capture the more intimate details of the every day grind. 
Secondly, I've realized that Wesley is most definitely a second child, and therefore has not gotten the same treatment of constant monthly updates that Max had as an only child. I have mommy guilt of epic proportions, but alas, having two kids at very different stages of life keeps me busy. Such is life.

Anyways, here are the highlights of our summer

  • We've pretty much gone swimming 2-3 times a week all summer. Got a babysitter for Wesley on some of those days, just so I could give Max more one on one attention.
  • We celebrated Max's 3rd birthday! We kept it pretty low key again this year since I refuse to throw my kids birthday parties until they are 4 and will actually remember them. I can't believe he's already 3! We love him so much, I am so thankful he joined our family.
  • Max took his very first swim class in July. They mostly just played games and worked on blowing bubbles and kicking their legs in the water, but I'm glad he had fun and adapted well.
  • Spend the 4th of July with the Halls and Cramers. We went hiking, swimming, ate delicious bbq, and watched fireworks from our bedroom window. A perfect way to celebrate our country!
  • We went to our usual Rockies games. Such a fun tradition, and it's fun to see Max learn to love baseball too. 
  • Adam left for two weeks to England for work, so I got to experiment being a single parent this was harder than I thought! Single parents and military spouses are beyond amazing for what they do. 
  • While Adam was gone, I flew with the boys alone to WA to be with my dad and Tanya. They live in the most beautiful area and we had such a great time! Adam flew to Seattle after his business trip, and he and I had the three most lovely days as just the two of us. We stayed in Seattle for a night and walked around the city and ate the most delicious (and expensive!) food. We also stayed two nights in the mountains of northern WA at a cute bed and breakfast. During the day we took ferries to the San Juan Islands, took a 45 min flight over the islands, and did some hiking in the freezing cold Cascades. We are SO grateful to Tanya for taking the boys so we could have these few days alone. We really lucked out with her, she is awesome! 
  • In August Max started preschool! He is now going 4 days a week in the afternoons and loves it! So does mommy, especially since I can sneak in a nap nowadays while Wes naps. Win win situation. 

More pics of our Seattle trip to come!

It's been a fabulous yet busy summer, and I can hardly believe how fast it has gone! Since Wes is nearly 8 months now, I should probably write an update of him...

  • Since he was about 2 months, Wes has not been a good eater due to reflux. Luckily he is slowly gaining weight, but we are so ready to give up the bottle. Too bad he needs to drink formula for another 4 months! 
  • He loves solids, especially anything he can feed himself like soft fruits, teething crackers, etc. Oh, and he LOVES yogurt. 
  • Still waking up 1-2 times to feed every night, but usually goes right back to sleep and then sleeps in and takes long naps during the day. I really can't complain too much.
  • Sits unassisted very well, and launches forward to get toys. Starting to scoot on his tummy some, but not quite ready to crawl yet. 
  • Has had amazing fine motor skills since he was like, 2 months. Loves to play with toys, and especially Max's cars. It drives Max crazy though, which is kind of hilarious!
  • He gets fussy if he's tired or his reflux is bothering him, but overall he is such a happy baby. We are all crazy about him.
Here are a few pics to show how much he's change over nearly 8 months...

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