Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wesley's birth story Part I

Since baby is sleeping and Max and Daddy are at the park, I thought I would take the opportunity to write this all down, before I forget details. And, to forewarn you, this is going to be lengthy and TMI.
Wesley Adam Hall was born January 27th at around 10:20 in the morning. 5 weeks early, yet still a whopping 5 pounds 13 oz. 
I had originally set the date for a planned c section on Feb 23rd. I was excited to have everything scheduled out, and was planning on putting on some make up and looking cute for the big day. However, the Lord clearly had another plan for me and this little guy. On Sunday, Jan. 25th, I remember sitting in relief society and turning to my fellow pregnant friend, Candice, to ask if she ever got super painful contractions this early. She said "yes" but that it was probably just braxton hicks contractions. I felt reassured, and continued to ignore the painful but very sporadic contractions. All through Sunday and Monday, I continued to have contractions anywhere between every 15 min to an hour. Instead of resting and taking it easy, I got a sudden burst of energy, and did a ton of cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning out our car and our pantry cabinets. Coincidence, or maybe a sign? 
On Monday night we went to bed around 9, and every 20 minutes I woke up with short but painful contractions. I tried to sleep through some of them, but finally went downstairs at 1 am to eat a snack and grab numbers and info from Obstetrix, as well as maps of the hospital....just in case. I still wasn't convinced I was in labor though, and went back to bed until 5. At that point I kept waking up moaning through each contraction, so I finally bounded out of bed  to take a hot bath. You know, because hot baths can TOTALLY stop labor...evidently I was in major denial. Luckily Adam had the sense to call Marilyn, and she convinced us to go to the hospital. I showered, woke up Max, and left for Pres St. Luke's Hospital without my bags, thinking they would just end up sending me home and I would be miserable for the rest of my pregnancy with these painful braxton hicks. 
In the car, the contractions started coming every 4-5 minutes, and I pretty much yelled the whole way to the hospital. Max thought it was hilarious I was yelling, and decided to take part in the fun. Once we got there, I told Adam NOT to get a wheelchair and take me to the ER because it would take too long, so we made a dash for the 3rd floor where the nurses were waiting for us. 
Marilyn and Dennis came in to get Max and pretty much got to see the crazy, super dramatic side of their daughter in law. Let's face it, I have a super low threshold for pain. The nurses checked me...I was fully dilated! Finally, after what seemed like forever, they put in the epidural. I remember being so angry it was taking so long to work, but gradually the pain faded,and I suddenly felt so much awe and respect for women who go completely natural!
More to come soon...

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