Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Easter 2014

Similar to last year, we had a low key, relaxing Easter at home. We attended a very spiritual sacrament meeting, and also watched a wonderful new LDS Easter video that, of course, left me in tears. :) After church, we did a mini Easter egg hunt for Max at the little park near our house. Max also received a special candy basket from Papa and Grandma T, so he was thrilled with the all his treats and new toys, and was completely hyped up on candy. That night we ate cheesy potatoes, roast, rolls, and lemon raspberry cake. I went all out this year!
We only took a few random photos of the day, as well as some video of Max's egg hunt, but that is just way too long to post.

Hasn't quite grasped the concept of posing and smiling for pics yet...

My handsome boys


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