Monday, February 25, 2013

8 month update

It's that time again...Max is now 8 months old! I can hardly believe it. *Cue for parents with older children to roll their eyes.* I hate to admit it, but Max has always been kind of a cranky baby, but the last month or so he's improved immensely. Not that he hasn't ever been a happy baby, but he just tends to get bored or tired really easily, and gets frustrated that he can't be as mobile as his parents. He has also been sick a lot and teething the last couple months, so those could explain his grouchiness as well. Anyways, now that he's become more mobile and doesn't need as many naps, he seems to be much more content, and very giggly.

UPDATES: -Army crawls and rolls to get around. -Back to waking up once a night to feed (no idea why, any suggestions?) -Naps really well---about 3 hrs/day -Can pull up to standing by himself using the couch occasionally, and would stand all day if he could. -Taking 5 bottles a day, and about 2 "solid" meals a day. -Hears every creak, drop, and other noise hardly audible to the human ear. We call him our Sherlock Holmes because he seems to notice everything. No joke. -Went swimming at our local rec center for the first time last week. Cried at first, then warmed up to it and loved it. -Has two bottom teeth now.

LIKES/OBSESSIONS: -Standing up -Water and bath time/swimming pool. -Being outside. -Watching "Baby Signing Time" -Playing with Mom and Dad. -Pulling off his socks and chewing on them. -Mom's hair
-Stroller rides outside (when it's warm) -"5 little monkeys" song -Our remote controls/laptop/Nexus -Spitting at us (it's pretty funny and cute right now, but we need to eventually stop that habit)

DISLIKES: -Car rides/car seats -Green beans -Being left alone in a room -Getting his diaper changed (he's too busy for that)

We love Max, and are so grateful we get to raise this rambunctious and sweet little boy.

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  1. He is very aware of everything! Grandpa figured out pretty quickly that he can quickly get bored. That's okay, we can relate:) Love him!