Sunday, December 30, 2012

6 Months???

Has it already been 6 months since I delivered my sweet 6 pound 5 oz baby boy? Time has flown!
We don't visit the pediatrician until next week, so I can only guess that Max is around 15 pounds or so. Everyone think he's a fat baby, but his chubby cheeks are deceptive because in reality he is pretty thin relative to other babies his age.
Here's what Max is up to lately:
-Sitting up almost unassisted---he face plants every now and then, especially when he's reaching for toys.
-Belly laughing
-Screams (happily) and babbles all day long--he's discovered how to get attention from mommy and daddy because after a while we just have to pick him up so he'll stop being so loud.
-Scooting ever so slightly on his belly.
-Eating solids--at this point he particularly loves bananas, peaches, and oatmeal. He  hates rice cereal.
-Today he started saying mamamama. I don't think it's in association with me, however. Still, super cute!
-He's still kind of a fussy baby and doesn't like us to put him down. He loves to be held, but not cuddled.
-His naps have gotten better! Even though I know he's tired a lot of the day, I've chosen to put him down for 2 naps instead of 3, and he'll now take longer naps.
-Night time sleep is usually 7 pm-6:30 ish am, of which we are so grateful!
-Max is a social butterfly. He loves being held and walked around, and will smile at everyone he meets.
We are so thankful for our little Max! More family and holiday updates to come later this week...

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  1. I can't believe that he is 6 months old! Such a cutie. We sure miss you guys and hope all is well over there in CO!