Wednesday, May 9, 2012

33 weeks

I don't really need to state the obvious, I know I haven't been the best at documenting my third trimester. Plus, I still need to post about my recent graduation... and I will, soon.
The past few weeks have been super busy for us, either we've been here in Colorado working and trying to get our yard back into shape, or out on travel to Utah and Las Vegas. We went out to Utah for my graduation and baby shower (thanks again to my awesome sisters-in-law for hosting it!) two weeks ago. Then last week Adam had to work in Vegas on some clandestine location, so I went along in order to visit family in St. George and to have some chill time at the hotel pool since I had work off. I'm so grateful I've had so much time to spend with family over the last few weeks and to have time off work...but honestly I am ready for a vacation from vacation. I never realized how hard traveling is on a pregnant woman's body! Sitting on hot stuffy airplanes and cars, and not always having control over when I get to eat is really not my cup of tea right now. Thus, I am looking forward to working and nesting over the next few weeks.
Since I treat this blog as somewhat of a journal, I'll write some thoughts on my 3rd trimester thus far...
- My stomach is itchy, all the time, and no amount of lotion helps
-I love watching my belly pop up and down, and seeing Adam get so excited every time he feels a kick
-I always thought nesting would include the sudden desire to craft and decorate the baby room; instead it has come in the form of cleaning. I'm obsessed, I love it! I also recently cleaned out my closet and got rid of a lot of clothes and stuff I never use. Best. feeling. ever.
-My back aches if I go too long without sitting.
-Walking around my neighborhood is more than enough exercise now. It's pathetic. For those of you that can maintain a regular exercise routine your last're my hero.
-The dreaded 1st trimester nausea has returned!
-While sleep is elusive now, it just makes the reality of having a newborn that much greater.

Anyways, just some random thoughts, but I'll be sure to post more updates soon...

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