Friday, June 17, 2011

Early Father's Day

It is true many of you might tire with blogs just talking about how wonderful my spouse truly is... but Rachel is wonderful, the perfect wife, my better half, and I just love every minute we spend together. Here is her Father's Day card to me...
If you cannot read the card in the picture I will summarize for you.... "I am hot stuff, Rachel is happy I put a ring on her finger, we almond joy each other (btw, that means exactly what you are thinking), Rachel wants my babies (again, that means exactly what you are thinking), oh and she loves me to pieces." If any one reading this is throwing up just a little in their throats right now... Let me just say I have been there, and if this card was not to me, from Rachel, I too would be gagging. But it is... and the best part is she did not just use empty wrappers. She is really setting a high standard for this holiday especially considering I am not yet a father.

Alright, on to another subject. We are tiling our dining area this summer. Here is how far we have gotten so far...
If all goes as planned, I think it will look awesome, and it will be much better than carpet. I do have the following concerns....
1) By my measurements, if we cannot use cut tiles in more than one place, we need 61, we have 62.
2) Just doing the work pictured above, I broke 5 tiles
3) We have no tile cutter... Just paper scissors to do all the cutting.
4) Lying out those five tiles on carpet took me 4 hours... and they still are not straight
5) I have never done tiling. Neither has Rachel
Wish us luck... We are going to need it!

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  1. You made me lol. Miss you guys! Btw, you do know you can rent tile cutters from home depot or lowes right?