Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Playing catch up:April 2013

Yikes, where has the time gone? I can hardly believe it's already the end of May! Life has certainly gotten busier for us these last few months as we've tried to keep up with baby Max while completing some house projects.
In order to catch up in the blogging world, I will first start with my dad's visit to Colorado back in the beginning of April. My dad hadn't visited since last September, so we were thrilled that he decided to come for conference weekend. The first day he was here, we went on a nice hike out somewhere in Parker (cannot remember the name of the park). It was a beautiful cool day, and Max did exceptionally well in our new hiking backpack. The next two days were spent listening to conference and driving to some places that were memorable to my dad. So grateful to spend precious time with my dad, especially since I haven't done that since before my mom passed away. Here are a few pictures from our awesome weekend...

Next adventure in April, was our trip to San Diego with my dad, Spencer, Marni and Emilio. We stayed at this beautiful town home just a block or two away from La Jolla beach. It was gorgeous. And warm. This was Max's first time playing on the beach, and he loved it. We just sat him on a towel with some toys and snacks, and he was in baby heaven. Seriously. We visited a beautiful national park overlooking San Diego, toured Balboa park, ate delicious food, made smores atop the roof one night, and relaxed on the beach. The perfect vacation (minus a few sleepless nights :) ). Thank you so much Dad for making it all possible!

Next stop: Max update

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