Tuesday, October 16, 2012

San Diego

At the end of September, we flew (with Max in tow) out to California for weekend getaway with my parents and the Nicolis. Little did we know that Max would turn out to be such a great travel baby (slept both ways on the plane), and that a weekend in CA was desperately needed. We went to the beach, chilled in the hot tub at night, went to dinner with my mom's cousin and great aunt, and took my parents out to a DELICIOUS restaurant on the water. It was so relaxing and nice to take a break from the humdrum of daily life. I still need to get a few pictures from the trip from Emilio, but since he and Marni are off to Europe (today?), I'll just go ahead and post the few we took.

We had a lovely time strolling along Laguna Beach

The beautiful couple-almost been married for a year! (Taken at Laguna Beach)

We enjoyed wonderful company. (Again, Laguna Beach)

Max's first swimming "lesson" at the Marriott pool

He HATED it! The water was too cold

Aww, much warmer. Relaxing with Dad in the hotel tub

Because Nanna was so sick and in so much pain, she couldn't hold Max very much. We had to capture a sweet moment where she could feed him. 

Chillin' at Laguna Beach while the boys went swimming

And just for kicks, the handsome hubs "sleeping" during General Conference

Thank you Dad for organizing and inviting us on the trip! It is always great to spend more time with family, especially when we live so far away. 

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