Monday, August 13, 2012


Baby boy is now seven weeks, and is no longer looking or acting like a newborn. He seems to get chubbier every day, and has already started to protest naps. Isn't he a little too young to not want to sleep??? From about week 3 to week 6 was REALLY difficult because we dealt with some colic and sleepless nights. He wouldn't sleep much during the day either, so mommy was getting very tired and frustrated. I must admit that the first six weeks I didn't particularly enjoy, and some days I would just cry and cry because I didn't know how to comfort him and get him to sleep. While Max still wakes up crying every morning around 3 to 4 am, the last week has been MUCH better. Suddenly one night he fell asleep all on his own without needing to be rocked to sleep. Almost all week he's been doing it, and going to sleep early too (8:30 ish), which has made me feel so relieved! I've also been reading a book that suggests nap training your baby, which has helped tremendously (thanks Sara!) this past week. Other huge milestones are his cooing and smiling, and he's also able to be alert and calm for several hours sporadically throughout the day. It's amazing how one smile from Max makes up for hours and hours of crying and the endless rocking, swaddling, feeding, and changing diapers. I am in love. :)
Here is some documentation of Max's life lately:
Bathing nightly 
Hanging out with Daddy

Going to his first outdoor concert at the mall. He wasn't really into it.

Car rides to visit grandma and grandpa Hall

Meeting great grandma Hall


  1. You MUST READ "Healthy Sleeping Habits, Happy Child" by Mark Weissbluth.... it will change your life!!! It's changed ours and i wish i would have read it sooner!

    1. Hey! I'm currently reading it, which has helped with his naps during the day. Glad it's helped you too! :)