Monday, August 27, 2012

2 months

Baby boy is sleeping peacefully in his car seat. Poor guy just had his two month shots, an ordeal that completely traumatized us both. But luckily its over, and now we can look forward to his 4 month shots in October. *Sigh*
Despite his fussy period during the evenings as well as flare ups of the dreadful reflux, Max is doing great! He's become very smiley and always wants to play with Mom and Dad. Occasionally we can even get a squeal out of him. It's nice to know that after weeks of fussing and crying, Max is finally starting to really enjoy life and soak up every minute of his awake time. Unless he's extremely tired, whenever I try to put him to sleep, he fights it and wants to continue looking around and observing everything around him. For such a young guy he sure has a stubborn streak. Like his Dad. :)

Another exciting "milestone" is that Max is sleeping in his own room! Yes, I know that they recommend waiting until 6 months to put your child in his own room. But, Max is such a loud sleeper. He grunts, groans, moans, coos and yawns constantly throughout the night, and I couldn't take it anymore. Adam always slept through it, but this last week I started to wake up (literally) every 15 to 20 min to his sounds, and would have to go sleep in the other room. On Saturday, I was tired of being kicked out of my own room and made the decision. We keep our doors open, and his room is right next to ours, but now I only hear him if he cries, and let me tell you, it is bliss. I sleep SO MUCH BETTER, and Max has a happier, well rested mama in the morning.


  1. Yay! I am so glad that things are going much better. Good for you for putting Max in his place ;) plus, his room is so close to yours that you don't even need a monitor!

  2. Oh, he is so darling! What a cutie!

    Oh, I know, aren't the shots so not fun?

  3. He is absolutely adorable! Good work, Rachel and Adam! And don't sweat putting him in a separate room. My kids were all out by about week 2 and they are just fine. :) You need your sleep, too!!