Thursday, March 1, 2012

Washington DC Trip

Adam makes frequent trips to DC for work and is usually notified of his travel only a couple days before he flies out. So, when he was notified a good week or so in advance about his travel, which was going to be a five day trip, Adam quickly found a decently priced ticket for me to fly out to spend the weekend with him. Luckily, I was able to get work off and was on a plane 3 days later headed for DC!
We spent the first night in a hotel, kindly paid for by Adam's company since he had a meeting the next day. But the rest of the weekend we enjoyed with Darrin and Karla, Adam's awesome aunt and uncle. We had so much fun! They were both wonderful hosts, and took us to see many of the memorials, including the new MLK memorial. We also went to some fabulous restaurants, tried olive oil gelato for the first time (delicious, btw), and visited the Air and Space Museum, Great Falls Park, Int'l Spy Museum, and Mount Vernon. It was pretty amazing how much we were able to fit in in just the few days we were there, especially considering our days didn't start until around noon each day. Thanks for the many adventures and for hosting us Darrin and Karla!

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