Friday, October 1, 2010


Can I just say how much I love these munchkins? My brother Chris, his wife and six kids moved to Ghana this week for my brother's business. Probably won't see them for at least a year, maybe longer. I just wanted to post a tribute to them because I love my family so much and I'm going to miss all my adorable nieces and nephews. I'm so proud of my big brother for working so hard to provide for his family and for having the courage to move half way across the world. I love and miss you guys!


  1. when i saw this title i thought that you were going to ghana and i totally freaked out! this is a pretty amazing experience for those kids (and your bro and sis-in-law). adorable pic btw.

  2. AGHH! I wish I was the one moving back to Ghana! They will have such an incredible experience! Hey- I bet they're going to my school!