Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This past weekend we went to Utah for my friend Cassandra's wedding, and for Mama's 85th birthday. Although it was an extremely short trip, we had so much fun with family and friends. On Friday night we went to Cassandra's pre-wedding bbq, ate lots of yummy food, and played botchy ball (sp?). Cassandra asked me to sing for her wedding, so on Saturday, the wedding day, I was busy rehearsing and helping Cassandra with wedding stuff. The wedding was absolutely brilliant and beautiful, I'm so happy for you Cass Cass!

Mama's birthday party was also on Saturday, so we had a busy day. We ate some amazing Mexican food, watched her open presents, and the grandkids sang a few songs for Mama. Overall, it was such a great evening, being able to spend time with my parents, grandma, siblings, and cousins. I love my family! Here are some pictures from the wedding and the party.

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