Sunday, May 23, 2010

Road Trip!

Well, to Colorado Springs that is, just an hour south of us. :) Our day started by going to the Air Force Academy, and going through the different chapels they had built there. Then, we met up with Uncle Richard and Aunt Susan for a delightful tour of Garden of the Gods. They took us to various viewpoints and told us about some of the names of the rock formations. We also took a hike around the area, which was beautiful, and took a lot of pictures.

After visiting Garden of the Gods, Richard and Susan then took us to the quaint, picturesque town of Manitou. For those of you folks that haven't visited Manitou--you're missing out! Seriously! Manitou has these springs located in random parts throughout the town, so you can drink the strong, (not to mention, bitter) mineral water. We visited the arcade that was probably about 50 yrs old. We had a great time playing old fashioned games that were precursors to fusball, air hockey, etc. Overall, we had a wonderful day with some awesome Hall relatives! Thanks Richard and Susan!
Here are some pictures from our adventures:


  1. so fun. we sure do miss you guys!

  2. That church at the Air Force Academy is so cool. I love stopping in there when I'm in the area. Sounds like a fun little trip.